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Leather Products

Unika is close to horse women, riders and grooms also in the care of harnesses, saddle and boots.

The washing and greasing of leather are very important steps to keep the characteristics of this material unchanged over time. This is why Unika have formulated products to clean the leather based on delicate soaps, able to cleanse accurately but not aggressively, and based on fats and noble oils, able to nourish and soften the leather.

With Leather Oil, Leather Soap and Leather Grease products, riders and grooms will have a complete kit to take care of all their leather material.

Dressage (44)
Endurance riding (51)
Gallop (27)
Mares and Foals (9)
Show jumping (46)
Stud (6)
Trekking (18)
Western riding (30)
Feeds (10)
Heart and Circulation (5)
Hooves (9)
Joints (18)
Liver and Kidneys (2)
Lungs (3)
Muscles (18)
Purifying (3)
Relax (6)
Skin and Coat (15)
Stallion (2)
Stomach and Intestines (13)
Tendons (2)
Unika Balls (5)
Vitamins and Electrolytes (9)
Arnica (5)
Citronella (4)
Energy (16)
Feeds (10)
Gastritis (5)
Horses Intolerant to cereals (2)
Hospitalization and post operation (4)
Lean Horse (7)
Low Glycemic Index (7)
Mares and Foals (9)
Mash (2)
No Corn or Cereals (9)
No Doping (21)
Old Horses (10)
Pain (6)
Stallion (2)
Travels (7)
Vitamin C (5)
Zinc Wrap (2)
Change of Season (6)
Dermatitis (3)
Diarrhoea (2)
Gastritis (5)
Horses Intolerant to cereals (2)
Hospitalization and post operation (4)
Immune System (2)
Insect (6)
Lactic Acid (5)
Laminitis (1)
Lean Horse (7)
Naviculitis (1)
Old Horses (10)
Pain (6)
Stress and Anxiety (14)
Summer (14)
Tendons (2)
Travels (7)
Winter (4)
Detangling (2)
Gel, Cream and Cretate (6)
Grease and hooves (3)
Hooves (9)
Hygene Products (5)
Shampoo (3)
Sole (3)
Tendons (2)

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The Linea Unika products are designed to respond adequately to the nutritional needs of horses, both competing and non-competing, and at any physiological stage. In addition, thanks to the “Unika Lab” our in house research and development laboratory, products are constantly updated based on new studies on equine nutrition.

Each horse has specific needs and proper nutrition is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the animal. Unika has studied lines of products suitable for every need, thus satisfying the nutritional needs of every horse.

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