The possibility of converting UNIKA POINTS into credit or the “CONVERT TO CREDIT” initiative is active as of the 1ST of September 2023.


WEBSITE territory referred to the operation and catchment area of the website.


Private final customers purchasing the promoted products.

Included are invoice purchases made by retailer “VAT” users


The transaction concerns all Unika products, for sale on the website

In the event of the introduction of new “Unika” products, the product page will be updated accordingly with the indication of the “UNIKA POINTS” available with the purchase of these products.


All consumers who, during the period referred to in paragraph “DURATION”, purchase “Unika” products as indicated above will earn “UNIKA POINTS”.

The accumulation of points for purchases on the website will happen automatically.

If “UNIKA POINTS” are not utilized within the above deadline, they will lose their value and will no longer be usable.


Participants can choose to use the “UNIKA POINTS” accumulated in their “Personal Area” to request the conversion of the same into non-monetizable credit, in the following manners:

  • 1 Unika point = 0.15 € (Fifteen cents) credit

  • Accumulation of Unika points excludes:

    – shipping costs,
    – amounts paid with vouchers and credit

  • Points are awarded by rounding up

    For example: Order value points calculation: 11,1 €. Points accumulated 2.

  • The points awarded are highlighted in the individual product sheets and summarized in your shopping cart.
  • If products are discounted by applying vouchers or by reaching a discount threshold, points are recalculated in the light of the new conditions.
  • N.B. In certain periods, some products may provide a higher number of points.


Upon request for conversion, a credit will be made available corresponding to the number of points valued as described above.

The credit resulting from the conversion can only be used exclusively on the website and can be used for the purchase of physical products and on the entire range for sale on the website.

The conversion of “UNIKA POINTS” into credit is NON reversible.

Points conversion credit is not monetizable, is not convertible into money/cash in any way shape or form.

The conversion into credit is exclusively at the expense of the customer who intends to participate in the initiative; in the event that the customer does not exercise this right in the terms provided by the rules set out in this regulation, The promoter shall in no case be called into question.



How can I view my points situation?

A reserved area is available in which you can view your status and proceed with the conversion of accumulated points. 

How can I use my accumulated points?

Accumulated points can be converted into “Credit””. Once converted they can be used to pay for your future orders as an additional payment method that will be proposed to you when choosing the payment method for the order.

Before proceeding to the conversion, for your online safety, you will need to verify your email address. This procedure is necessary to certify your email and to understand if you own it. This is necessary to avoid irregular behaviour, such as unauthorized use of your points by an outsider.

Is there a minimum limit to convert points into a Credit?

No, you can easily convert any points balance to credit, even if only 1 point.

Can I use my points freely or do I have to choose an item from a prize catalogue?

YES, by converting the accumulated points into Points Credit, you can use this credit to buy any item on sale at Unika! You are spoilt for choice. We believe that this choice is more ethical and allows you to choose where to use your advantage among all the items in our catalogue.

Do all purchased items generate points?

Yes, all items in the catalogue generate points.

How much are the points worth?

1-point equals €0.15-euro cents

Any other warnings?

  • Unika reserves the right to change this regulation at its sole discretion.
  • Any incorrect behaviour in the accumulation of points is not allowed. Violation of the regulation will result in the zeroing of points accumulated without the possibility of conversion.
  • NB points collection is valid only for orders placed on the website www.lineaunika