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Fortion 200


Description: Fortion 200 is a combined blend of creatine monohydrate, branched-chain amino acids (valine, leucine, and isoleucine), carnitine, vitamin E, vitamin C, and electrolytes. Together, these elements create the perfect formula for sporthorses’ athletic preparation for high-level competitions. The bucket contains 30 single-dose, vacuum-sealed sachets of 220 g each, in order to ensure the product long-term conservation and its easy administration. Single-dose sachets are greatly convenient, for they allow administering many active ingredients at the same time: no need to buy several supplements.

When to use Fortion 200: Fortion 200 is a product especially conceived for those who want to improve their horse's performances greatly: more muscle strength, more agility, more speed and more energy available for muscles. Thanks to the great number of branched-chain amino acids, Fortion 200 can stimulate muscle mass growth.

Properties of its constituents:
Creatine can greatly increase muscle levels of phosphocreatine, a direct precursor to ATP, the body's energy fuel (1, 2): muscles will have more ready-to-use energy available, more strength, more agility and more hydration. Branched-chain amino acids stimulate muscle mass growth, thus improving its volume, tone and contractility (3). Electrolytes and glycine fight muscle dehydration (4), while vitamin E and C ensure a significant antioxidant effect (5, 6). Creatine is the energy fuel needed to support the first step of any competitive activity: it does not leave any residue in muscles, therefore it does not cause muscle fatigue, which, on the contrary, is inhibited.

Use and dosage:
Show jumping, eventing and dressage horses: Properly mix a sachet per day with the daily ration.
Horses for show and ponies: Properly mix half a sachet per day with the daily ration.
Quarter horses: Properly mix ¾ of a sachet per day with the daily ration. 
To obtain visible results, use Fortion 200 for at least 15-20 consecutive days before a competition.

Each sachet provides: 50 g of creatine; 2 g of L-carnitine; 10 g of L-glycine; 5 g of L-valine; 5 g of L-leucine; 2.5 g of L-isoleucine; 1,550 mg of vitamin E; 2,000 mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid); 13,000 mg of sodium; 3,600 mg of potassium; 300 mg of magnesium; 0.4 mg of organic selenium.

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size Bucket containing 30 sachets of 220 g each

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