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“In addition to young horses, I have a couple of high-level horses at my stables, with whom I’d like to achieve top rankings and victories in 5* competitions, thus retracing the most important stages of my career.”

Francesco Turturiello started horse riding at 7 and started his career as a professional rider in Naples. In 1998 he moved to Milan, where he and Linda Bratomi would establish the Centro Ippico Utopia some years later. Francesco and Linda define themselves as horse breeders and find great satisfaction in breeding young horses and training them for competitions. During his career as a rider, Francesco has taken part in several CSI5*, he jumped many times at Piazza di Siena and has been representing Italy in numerous CSIOs.

Latest main results

2nd – CSI3* in Oliva Nova (21/02/2021)

1st – CSIYH1* in Oliva Nova (16/02/2021)

1st – CSI1* in Oliva Nova (22/02/2020)

Francesco & Unika

Francesco is a highly charismatic rider, whose great enthusiasm also characterizes his working attitude. We chose him as our endorser for, thanks to his professionalism, he became the go-to person when it comes to international trade of both young and high-level sport horses.

It takes guts and liver!

Here we are at our second meeting with our Unika Blog Naturopathy section. I am Sara Maiani, specialized in Natural Medicine, Clinical Phytotherapy and Naturopathy.

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Born in 1995, Mirko began to practice the discipline of “combined driving” at only 6 years old, spurred by his family’s passion for the equestrian world, he began to approach national and international competitions at 17 years old

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Nicolò Tallone : The evolution of a true professional

Dear readers we are pleased to celebrate the new year, on our blog, with a wonderful interview together with Nicolò Tallone, Unika Ambassador and Endurance rider, Piedmontese DOC, class of 1991 who in life has chosen to dedicate himself to a trade as ancient as fascinating, that of the blacksmith.

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