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Champions: yesterday, today, tomorrow

There’s a fundamental chapter in the story of a company: ambassadors. Indeed, ambassadors choose to associate their names with a company and, by that, they also choose to play an active role in its development by becoming touchstones themselves for future potential customers.

More specifically, Unika’s ambassadors are not merely advertising our brand, they promote products and services they know, have had access to and have tested themselves to ensure their horses’ well-being.

Indeed, Unika’s ambassadors offer to share their experience and feedbacks about our company with others to increase our brand and company awareness.

At Unika, ambassadors are also a precious source of concrete feedbacks about our products as well as partners with whom we discuss and develop new products to launch on the market.

On the other hand, our ambassadors benefit from the ongoing support we provide, which translates into nutritional advice for all their horses, custom nutrition plans conceived to help horses achieve their sport goals or meet their specific needs when specific conditions occur (e.g., pregnancy, foals’ weaning, recovery after injuries etc…) and in the ongoing assistance we provide our ambassadors both at home and during competitions.

We help each other, our ambassadors and us, and establish fruitful collaborations and a wide net of interpersonal relationships supporting Unika’s growth.