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Cardiovascular well-being (heart, blood, circulation)  There are 5 products.

  • Flavosid is the complementary feed containing plant substances that can strengthen capillary walls, thus improving their permeability. Flavosid is the complementary feed...

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  • Haemofolic is the complementary feed especially conceived to provide horses with vitamins and minerals that help maintain the proper number of red blood cells. Haemofolic is the complementary feed...

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  • No More is the gel complementary feed containing natural plant substances that can help strengthen capillaries, thus ensuring better competitive performances. No More is the gel complementary feed...

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  • Octa+ is the octacosanol-based complementary feed conceived for endurance horses that have difficulty in stabilising their heartbeat after competitive efforts. Octa+ is the octacosanol-based...

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  • RED is the liquid complementary feed based on vitamins and trace elements, such as, in particular, soluble and highly biodegradable iron. Use RED when the horse shows fatigue, its post-work recovery time is long and its training performances poor. RED is the liquid complementary feed...

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