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Description: Redulact is a horse complementary feed available in handy single-serve sachets. It has been conceived to help our top level brand ambassadors meet the needs of their horses on competition days.

When to use Redulact: 
Use Redulact as a complementary feed:

  • On competition days and on the days right before important competitions.
  • To provide horses with all the substances they need to face competitions properly.

Instructions of use: 
Redulact is available in 220 g single-serve sachets. Properly mix Redulact with the daily ration. Use a sachet of Redulact the evening before a competition and one extra sachet per day of competition. 

Each sachet provides: 7 g of L-Carnitine, 6,000 mg of vitamin E, 16,000 mg of sodium, 1,600 mg of potassium; 900 mg of magnesium and 880 mg of calcium.

Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, introducing feeds and complementary feeds in horses’ diets gradually is recommended
Size 220 g sachet