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Private Labelling:

We turn your business ideas into reality

Thanks to our several years’ experience as complete and complementary feeds manufactures, we can offer our customers the chance to turn their business ideas into real projects.

At Unika, our team of experts do not only manufacture products under our own trademark, but also put their knowledge and skills at several other companies’ service. How? Through private labelling

Private labelling allows companies, vet clinics and vets to have their own range of products under their own trademark manufactured at our plant and to get high-quality products meeting all animals’ needs in terms of well-being

Unika offers to be at your side during ever step of the way, from formulation, to graphic design and actual manufacturing and packaging. We’ll work together to get successful results.

But that’s not all. We’ll put our skills at your service to both develop an already well-defined formulation and research and develop new formulations upon request. Choosing Unika to develop your own range of products means to benefit from all of our company’s know-how.

This translates into the chance to entrust your brand development to a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals working closely and having a clear overview of the project.

We aim at proposing innovative formulations and appealing ideas easily meeting market demand and allowing our partners to stand out from competitors. Unika will be at your side to develop a winning project!

A FAMI-Qs code 6 certified company

Choosing a quality-certified company to develop your brand brings many advantages, first among which you’ll ensure your products will meet high-quality standards. Indeed, after meticulous analysis and planning, through private labelling you’ll get the chance to have your products FAMI-Qs code 6 certified.

“Unika Private Labelling: our Unik(a) quality will make your business ideas come true”

Animals we deal with

We may manufacture private label products for:

  • Leisure horses
  • Sport horses
  • Leisure dogs and cats
  • Sport dogs
  • Decoy birds
  • Dairy cattle*
  • Beef cattle*



* No growth factors, auxinic substances, coccidiostats, antibiotics or ionophore substances are used

Our textures

At Unika we manufacture:

  • Powder products
  • Paste products
  • Pellet products
  • Oil-based products
  • Creams and gels for external use
  • Shampoos
  • Lotions
  • Clays

Our products

At Unika we manufacture:

  • Mineral feeds
  • Complementary feeds
  • Complete feeds
  • Dietetic feeds (Reg. UE 354/2020)
  • Products for external use