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Behind our success are worthy people

2008 was a dark year for the global economy: the Great recession hit all economic sectors and forced several businesses to close.

The evolution

It was in that same year that Unika was born, thanks to the Maianis’ will to put themselves out there, put their zootechnical knowledge to good use and develop their own, concrete project. They decided to establish Unika, a small company dealing with animal complementary feeds, amongst the hills of Bologna, where its headquarters are still located today. At the beginning, only four people used to work at Unika: two employers and two employees. Then, thanks to the riders who chose to believe in what used to be a small family project and have decided to share their precious feedbacks with us, little by little Unika has grown into a 1000 m2 plant, in which several professionals work passionately and industriously to reach our goal: developing a reference brand in the field of animal supplementation and manufacturing high-quality, Made-in-Italy products.

People are our greatest asset

Unika is the fruit of the hard work of a family and has been established on its values: that’s why people lie at the heart of everything we do. At Unika, everyone harmoniously plays a role in the complex mechanism that keeps our company up and running. We strongly believe in nurturing our employees’ specific talents, for we are firmly convinced that only satisfied people, who feel appreciated, can build up a well-knit team giving its best day after day. And it goes the same for our customers: their needs and their animals’ needs are what matters the most to us, and we truly cherish the trust customers have placed in us. Indeed, our job doesn’t end with selling products. At Unika customer care is fundamental: when they phone us, our customers know that at the other end of the phone there’ll always be someone willing to listen to them and to help them. Moreover, some members of our team often join our customers at the shows they take part in, to provide them with the technical support they need.

Our priorities: quality, research and Made in Italy

Indeed, we establish close relationships with our customers, who share precious feedbacks with us, help us improve our already-existing products and conceive new ones, meeting their specific needs.

Attention to details is another of our strong points. At Unika, we personally control and take care of every step of the production chain, from careful and meticulous selection of suppliers and raw materials to commercialisation of finished products.

Moreover, we wish to sustain local producers as much as possible and, therefore, tend to choose local suppliers producing Made in Italy products.

Our mission

Our animals' health and well-being

At Unika, our mission is to manufacture products that can keep animals in perfect health, so that owners and riders may peacefully spend time with their animals, for they know that someone is taking care of them.

To do so, we select and test high-quality raw materials every day and base our choices on the most recent scientific studies in the fields of phytotherapy and nutraceutics.

Thanks to our in-house lab, we ensure to provide our customers with safe, highly-concentrated products that can truly support their animals’ well-being.

Our vision

Ongoing innovation and research

Unika deals with zootechnical feeds and complementary feeds and is specialised in equine nutrition. Since its establishment, Unika’s founders wished to create an innovative company aiming at supporting high-level sport horses’ performances.

Unika’s pioneering vision was to put the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of phytotherapy and nutraceutics at the service of animal well-being. At Unika, we aim at:

  • developing a range of products growing wider and wider to satisfy all our customers’ requests, so that our customers may turn to a single (unica in Italian) reference company to meet all their needs, as our brand name suggests;
  • conceiving effective products that truly support animal overall well-being;
  • investing resources in phytotherapy research to find new paths leading to animal well-being;
  • offering our customers effective solutions and concrete results, for our customers are what matters the most to us;
  • developing our brand into an international reference brand in terms of high-quality animal nutrition.