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Description: Gastrok is formulated on the basis of the most recent phytotherapy discoveries and is the syringe especially conceived for horses suffering from gastrointestinal problems. Many horses suffer from multifactorial gastrointestinal disorders, whose main causes are diets too rich in starches, long transports, frequent trips and excessively long pauses between meals. Thanks to its formula, based on vegetable charcoal and liquorice phytotherapy extracts, Gastrok restores horses' gastrointestinal well-being, thus supporting the proper function of their gastrointestinal systems.

When to use Gastrok: Gastrok can help treat lack of appetite, postprandial pain, dull coat, excessive thinness and poor competitive performances. It is suggested to administer Gastrok regularly to horses susceptible to gastrointestinal disorders, in order to ensure proper stomach health and function. Gastrok can be used as an adjuvant treatment in case of gastric ulcers and is also quite useful for horses showing pre-colic symptoms. Moreover, it helps stomach bacterial microflora digest food properly. Normally, stomach contains bacteria, such as lactobacilli and streptococci, which begin food digestion. When horses are subjected to intense work, long transports and stress or their rations are quite rich in cereals, their stomachs' bacterial microflora is damaged, the number of lactobacilli decreases and their stomach function worsens. Therefore, food digestibility decreases and can lead to a complete refusal of feeds and/or concentrated food.

Properties of its constituents
: Vegetable charcoal covers the gastrointestinal mucosa and protects it. Vegetable charcoal has been used for a long time to reduce intestinal gases and their related symptoms. Moreover, in men, it has been proven that it reduces abdominal cramps and stomach rumbles (49).  Liquorice extract was already known in the ancient Greek pharmacopoeia for its health properties and is Gastrok's true core. In fact, liquorice naturally inhibits excessive gastric acid secretion, thus reducing the horse's stomach acidity. It has been proven that one of the active ingredients of liquorice, glycyrrhizin, exerts an antibacterial, immunoregulating, antitoxic and healing action on animals (50). Moreover, it seems to be quite useful in reducing epigastric pain, aerophagy and meteorism (51).

Use and dosage
: Administer a whole Gastrok syringe per day, for 12-15 consecutive days: first results will be evident after 3-4 days of treatment.

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size 120 g

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