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Ensuring quality

Unika has been a FAMI-QS certified company since 2017. FAMI-QS is a European preeminent quality and feed safety management system for companies operating in feed manufacturing and is a worldwide leader in its field. Its aim is to set out procedures ensuring that the whole production process meets hygienic and sanitary requirements.

What’s FAMI-QS?

Such accreditation gives assurance to governments, supply chains and consumers that organisations providing FAMI-QS certification have the required competence and impartiality to do so. The FAMI-QS Certification System proactively responds to the emerging feed-related challenges in the zootechnical nutrition field.

The FAMI-QS Certification Scheme addresses safety, quality and the challenging topics of integrity (fraud), defence and regulatory compliance. The system is specifically designed for international validity and the FAMI-QS Certification has been endorsed by more than 1400 members across the globe since its origination in 2004.

The FAMI-QS code of practice is extremely exhaustive and covers every detail of a feed manufacturing company, from accuracy in choosing suppliers to products quality.

At Unika, maintaining high-quality standards has always been a priority. That is why, over the years, we have committed to meet cutting-edge quality standards.

Being a FAMI-QS certified company means, before all else, ensuring our customers healthy, regulated and effective products that aim at achieving animal well-being and are manufactured in a plant meeting all safe production requirements.

Since 2020, the FAMI-QS certification has also been covering Unika’s complete feeds and complementary feeds intended for particular nutritional purposes.  It was a great achievement for us, for we were able to include complementary feeds intended for particular nutritional purposes and having specific health properties in the list of our FAMI-QS certified products.

What does being FAMI-QS certified company means?

At Unika, being a FAMI-QS certified company also means focusing on and investing in specific aspects of our work, such as:

  • Process risk assessment
  • Feed safety monitoring and control
  • Feed safety measures planning
  • Feed safety system establishment
  • Exhaustive staff feed safety training
  • Exhaustive staff feed fraud training
  • Accurate supplier selection according to FAMI-QS standard prerequisites
  • Raw materials and packaging risk assessment
  • Implementation of raw materials and products analysis procedure

HACCP Control System

Since our company establishment, in 2008, Unika has been working according to its self-monitoring plan, in accordance with the HACCP control system. Such plan, which has been approved and is monitored by the regional veterinary service, allows us to monitor each production phase. National Ministries of Health state seven main principles on which the HACCP control system is based:

  1. Hazard identification and analysis
  2. CCP (Critical Control Points) identification in all phases in which hazard prevention, reduction or elimination is possible
  3. Establishment of critical limits, which state acceptable and unacceptable levels of hazard occurrence for each CCP
  4. CCP effective monitoring procedures establishment and implementation
  5. Corrective actions establishment in case a hazard has gotten out of control at a CCP (has exceeds its critical limits)
  6. Verification procedures establishment to assess implemented measures effectiveness
  7. Document drafting and recordkeeping procedures establishment according to company size and nature

It’s in accordance with such quality standards that Unika proudly and professionally manufactures complete feeds, complementary feeds and products for external use, while always focusing on improving constantly.