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Gastro-intestinal well-being  There are 6 products.

  • Barleyton is particularly recommended in case of accelerated intestinal transit due to anxiety or gastrointestinal surgery. Moreover, Barleyton can be quite useful in case of digestive system disorders, such as flatulence and recurrent diarrhea. Barleyton is particularly recommended...

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  • Enterowell is a single-dose syringe that helps facilitate horses’ gastrointestinal well-being. Enterowell is a single-dose syringe...

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  • Thanks to its formula, based on vegetable charcoal and liquorice phytotherapy extracts, Gastrok restores horses' gastrointestinal well-being, thus supporting the proper function of their gastrointestinal systems. Gastrok can help treat lack of appetite, postprandial pain, dull coat, excessive thinness and poor competitive performances. Thanks to its formula, based on...

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  • Gastrosan is the complementary feed conceived to restore horses' gastrointestinal health and well-being and is conceived to meet the needs of horses affected by frequent gastritis due to long trips, frequent transports, stress or to their susceptibility to this kind of inflammations.  Gastrosan is the complementary feed...

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  • Pro-B Flora should be used to restore intestinal flora after pharmacological treatments (e.g. after using antibiotics), convalescences, food malabsorption and stressful periods. Pro-B Flora should be used to restore...

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