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Description: Unika Balls Crib biting is a ground-breaking complementary feed that combines the characteristics of a horse toy with those of an actual and tasty complementary feed.

When to use Unika Balls Crib biting: Unika Balls Crib biting does not contain any doping substance according to FEI regulations and may, therefore, be provided to sport horses without limitations.

Properties of its constituents: Unika Balls Crib biting contains vegetable substances improving salivation by physiologically increasing the amount of produced saliva. Saliva is alkaline and, therefore, once in the stomach, it physiologically helps reducing gastric acidity, thus improving the horse’s overall well-being.

Vegetable charcoal helps the gastric mucosa physiologically and properly digest food.

Improving gastric conditions in crib-biting horses results in an increase in their live weight, an improvement of their coat shininess and in an improvement of both their looks and overall well-being.

Instruction for use: Leave Unika Balls Crib biting at your horse’s disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hung Unika Balls Crib biting up so that it can swing freely and the horse cannot lean it against the wall or any other surface, for it would result in a faster consumption of Unika Balls Crib biting, which would be counter-productive. 

Size 5 Kg