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Rice Force


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Conceived for: All horses needing a feed providing a high amount of fats and a highly digestible source of starch.

Description: Rice Force is a product based on stabilised rice bran, which is quite rich in fats, B-group vitamins and E-group vitamins and which is also the main solid source of gamma-oryzanol actually known. Gamma-oryzanol is a phytosterol derived from rice bran oil (99) with acknowledged anti-oxidant properties. Moreover, Rice Force is supplemented with calcium lactate, one of the most bioavailable sources of calcium, in order to balance the high concentration of phosphorus that rice bran naturally provides.

Rice Force is the perfect product for:

-          Sport horses: to keep them and their muscle mass in good shape and avoid weight loss caused by intense training;

-          Endurance horses: for they need to obtain energy from fats, because they will use all their fat reserves during competitions;

-          Leisure horses: to keep them in perfect shape and avoid physiological weight loss (e.g.: old horses);

-          Brood mares: to naturally stimulate a mare's oestrus and increase her fertility;

-          Foals during weaning: to prevent the foal's physiological weight loss during weaning, due to the separation from its mother. The high amount of fats that Rice Force provides is, in fact, quite similar to maternal milk one, and, therefore, ensures foals proper weight and body shape;


And to:

-          Improve your horses coat quality:  thanks to the noble source of vegetable fats it contains, adding Rice Force to your horses diet will help make your horses coat shine;

-          Reduce the amount of cereals in your horses diet: since Rice Force provides a great deal of energy, you may discuss the chance to reduce the amount of cereals in your horses diet with your nutritionist and let rice brans fats become your horse's main source of energy;

-          Provide highly digestible noble fats.


Use and dosage:

As a complementary feed: from 300 to 800 g per day.

As a feed: from 1,500 to 3,000 g per day.

Leave fresh drinking water at the horse's disposal.  Leave fresh drinking water at the horse's disposal.                          



Caution: To preserve users' safety, it is suggested to handle the product while wearing respiratory protection devices, safety glasses and gloves. For further information, contact our technical department.

This product contains cereals and/or sugars and additives.

Size 25 Kg

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