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G-Sheen Super


Description: G-Sheen Super is an excellent, concentrated gel detangler, with emollient properties, that adds shine to the horsehair. Its formula includes pure silicone and rose extract.

When to use G-Sheen Super: G-Sheen Super is the perfect product for those looking for a super concentrated detangler, ensuring better results than those provided by all other detanglers on the market. Moreover, it is the ideal product for all horses afraid of the spray noise.

Properties of its constituents: Pure silicone ensures an excellent detangling effect that lasts for days, while rose extract provides a pleasant fragrance.

Use and dosage: Pour a small amount of G-Sheen Super directly on the horsehair. Let it work for a few minutes before combing. G-Sheen Super's effect lasts for a few days and, therefore, the product only needs to be used two or three times a week.

Size 500 ml

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