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Olio da cuoio (Leather oil)


Description: Olio da cuoio is composed of a blend of vegetable oils that can nourish leather horse tacks, make them shiny and ensure their excellent permeability. Therefore, Olio da cuoio is a true "anti-age" treatment for leather horse tacks: it makes them shinier and more resistant to water, dust and synthetic soaps. For external use only. 

When to use Olio da cuoco: Olio da cuoio is perfect to nourish leather horse tacks and make them shiny.

Instructions for use: Pour Olio da cuoio on a cloth and rub it on clean, dry leather. Olio da cuoio can be diluted 50:50 with Sapone da cuoio to clean and add shine to leather horse tacks at the same time.