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Sapone da cuoio (Leather soap)


Description: Sapone da cuoio's formula is perfect for leather cleaning, which is particularly delicate. Thanks to the high concentration of glycerine, Sapone da cuoio does not dry horse tacks out but, on the contrary, it hydrates them. Moreover, it can remove dirt and dust between their seams. Sapone da cuoio is gentle on leather, for it does not contain ammonium salts that, with the passing of time, dry horse tacks out. For external use only.

When to use Sapone da cuoio: Sapone da cuoio is the leather soap product conceived to properly clean leather horse tacks.

Instructions for use: Spray a small amount of Sapone da cuoio directly on leather. Then, use a sponge or a cloth to spread the product homogeneously. The effect lasts for a few days.