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Full Gel


Description: Full Gel is the massage gel, for external use, conceived to provide a deep, warming effect. Thanks to its properties, Full Gel is particularly effective to treat muscular stiffness, contractions and all kinds of reduced articular mobility. It can be useful in alleviating the pain caused by contractions. Full Gel's formula includes substances penetrating the skin without leaving any residue on the horse's fur.

When to use Full Gel: Full Gel is a valuable ally in treating contractions and muscular stiffness and in alleviating the pain they cause. It is suggested to administer Full Gel when horses show muscular tenderness due to intense efforts and hard training.

Properties of its constituents
: Full Gel is an arnica and St. John's wort-based gel. These important phytotherapy plants have been well-known for a long time for their outstanding results as local painkillers (56, 57).

Use and dosage:
Apply Full Gel on the area to be treated. Wear latex gloves. Apply a small amount of Full Gel (10-20 g), for it contains very high concentrations of active ingredients. Massage the treated area for one minute maximum.The horse will feel Full Gel's warming effect as soon as the massage ends. Wash your hands carefully after applying the gel. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes before washing your hands. Full Gel can be administered more than once a day.

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, it is suggested to test the product on a small area to evaluate its effect on the horse. 

Size 500 g