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Biotin Plus 10.000


Description: Biotin Plus 10,000 is the complementary feed especially conceived to speed up the growth of hoof horn tissue. Its formula includes a high concentration of biotin (10,000 mg = 10 g per bucket), for it has been proven that the more biotin horses take, the faster their hooves grow (85). Biotin Plus 10,000 can lead to a 1cm-growth of new horn tissue in a month, even in horses with poor hoof formation and in case of weakness of the white line.

When to use Biotin Plus 10,000: Biotin Plus 10,000 is the perfect product to boost hoof growth, for example after severe onychomycosis (hoof ringworm), while regenerating and reinforcing hoof horn tissue. Several farriers recommend Biotin Plus 10,000 for its excellent results on hooves growth and strength. Biotin Plus 10,000 is the perfect product for horses frequently losing shoes and in case of weak hoof horn.

Properties of its constituents
: Biotin is synthesized from fungi, yeasts, algae and some bacteria (all elements that are not included in horses' diets) (46) and, therefore, the quantity of biotin produced by the intestine is often insufficient. Moreover, cereals are a very poor source of available biotin (80). Therefore, sporthorses' rations often lead to biotin deficiency. Biotin Plus 10,000 is supplemented with DL-methionine and chelated salts of zinc to further reinforce its effects on hoof growth (58, 85, 98).

Directions for use:
 Properly mix 20-40 g of Biotin Plus 10,000 per day with the daily ration for at least 2 months.

Measuring scoop:

         level full: 33 g

         rounded full: 43 g

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size 1 Kg

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