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Villate Gel


Description: Villate Gel is a sole product for external use only. Several products on the market are excessively diluted; therefore, their active ingredients cannot properly adhere to the sole. On the contrary, Villate Gel texture allows it to adhere to the sole and create a thin but strong film that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria and accelerates the sole's healing. The high concentration of its mineral, healing active ingredients is what really distinguishes Villate Gel from all other products on the market.

When to use Villate Gel: Villate Gel is the perfect product to help treat onychomycosis (hoof ringworm), both in its initial and advanced phases, and in case of frog degradation due to bacterial and fungal activity.

Use and dosage: Apply a thin layer of Villate Gel on the horse's frog, heel and between the bars. Apply in open, ventilated areas.

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, it is suggested to test the product on a small area to evaluate its effect on the horse. 

Size 500 g

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