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Unika Yeast


Description: Unika Yeast is a product, based on brewer’s yeast, for your horse’s overall well-being. Unika Yeast exploits all brewer’s yeast’s properties and enrich horses’ diets with B-group vitamins, biotin, choline and mineral trace elements, such as phosphorus, chromium, which is very expensive, and selenium, that are fundamental for equine overall well-being.


Properties of its constituents: brewer’s yeast contains beta-glucans, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and myo-inositol and, since it contains up to 48-52% of proteins on product as is and has a very high amino acid profile, it is considered as a fine source of proteins. Below we list the amount of the most significant amino acids and vitamins standard brewer’s yeast contain.

Amino acids: lysine 3,38%, methionine 0,67%, tryptophan 0,55%, threonine 2,21%, leucine 3,11%, valine 2,48%, isoleucine 2,15%, arginine 2,27%,
phenylalanine 1,54%.


Vitamins expressed in mg per kg: thiamine 90, riboflavin 45, pyridoxine 42, choline 4000, folic acid 10, biotin 1, niacin 450, pantothenic acid 110.


Moreover, brewer’s yeast contains on average 0.5 mg of selenium per kg.


As far as mineral profile is concerned, brewer’s yeast contains 0.14% of calcium and 1.4% of phosphorus and its calcium-phosphorus rate is, consequently, 1:10. Therefore, brewer’s yeast can be very useful to increase horses phosphorus intake when it is far too low (for example if they graze on grounds lacking in phosphorus) or if their diets are particularly rich in calcium (for example if they eat fodder based on alfalfa).   


When to use Unika Yeast: administering Unika Yeast is particularly recommended:


·         For skin well-being and mane and coat care

·         For intestinal well-being

·         To increase horses’ daily protein intake

·         To increase horses’ daily phosphorus intake (for example if they graze on grounds lacking in phosphorus)

·         To balance diets rich in calcium (for they include, for example, fodder based on alfalfa) with a fine source of phosphorus.


Directions of use: Properly mix 50-60 g per horse per day to the daily ration to provide your horse with some important natural vitamins that can re-energise its body and improve its body shape. Brewer's yeast has significant nutritional properties, due to the essential amino acids it contains, which are fundamental for the body. Moreover, brewer's yeast helps maintain proper intestinal motility. 

Size 1 Kg

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