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Unika Relax


Description: Unika Relax is a feed conceived on the basis of the knowledge of the metabolic processes causing anxiety and irritability in horses and is, therefore, the perfect feed for nervous and stressed-out horses.  Unika Relax does not contain cereals, for they can cause overexcitement and irritability in horses, and it has been conceived according to the B.I.G technology (B.I.G stands for Basso Indice Glicemico, meaning low glycaemic index). The presence of magnesium and passion flower makes Unika Relax the perfect feed for irritable, nervous and young horses.

Properties of its constituents: It is widely documented that magnesium helps increase serenity and attention and reduce irascibility, which is particularly important for young horses approaching a competitive career. In humans, scientific studies proved Passiflora extract's anxiolytic effect.

Directions for use:  Administer between 3,000 and 6,000 g of Unika Relax per horse per day, according to fodder or forage quality and to the kind and the intensity of trainings.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The expiry date applies to properly stored products. Leave fresh drinking water at the horse's disposal.


Show jumping and small dressage horses

3.5 - 5 kg per day

Big dressage horses (600 kg live weight)

3.5 – 6 kg per day

Endurance riding horses

3 – 4 kg per day

Size 25 Kg

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