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Elyte Fast


Description: Elyte Fast is the liquid complementary feed providing all electrolytes in a liquid form. It is the perfect solution for those wanting a ready-to-use, fast-hydrating product.

When to use Elyte Fast: Thanks to its easy administration, Elyte Fast is the perfect product to rehydrate horses during competitions. Moreover, it contains aspartates, which are highly rehydrating and energizing substances. Elyte Fast is particularly suitable for all horses that do not like a great amount of powder products added to their daily rations.

Properties of its constituents: Elyte Fast's formula includes aspartates, which, after ingestion, release electrolytes and aspartic acid. Aspartic acid is a glucogenic amino acid that can increase energy production via the Krebs cycle and improve physical activity. In particular, potassium and magnesium salts let the body save muscle glycogen and stimulate its resynthesis (59): that is why the administration of Elyte Fast exerts an energizing and anti-fatigue effect on the body. Elyte Fast contains L-glycine, the simplest amino acid known: it accelerates the restoration of electrolyte salts in cells and plays a primary role in the synthesis of proteins, ATP, glutathione and glycogen. Therefore, L-glycine is considered a new antioxidant (4).

Use and dosage: Administer 10 cl (=100 ml, the second graduation mark of the bottle measuring chamber) of Elyte Fast per day. It is suggested to increase the dose up to 25 cl (=250 ml) per day in case of prolonged efforts and/or during hot seasons.

Size 1,5 l / 5 l

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