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Unika Sol


Description: Unika Sol is the complementary feed especially conceived for sporthorses, needing healthy and agile joints and proper articular mobility. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, Unika Sol ensures visible results already after 15 days of treatment. Unika Sol contains substances that are not on the FEI Prohibited Substances List 2017.

When to use Unika Sol: Unika Sol is especially conceived for the maintenance of healthy joints in horses, thus improving their competition performances.

Properties of its constituents:
Unika Sol is a revolutionary complementary feed: indeed, it is a blend of methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) and some important phytotherapy extracts, such as turmeric and ash ones. This blend ensures visible results on sporthorses' quite strained joints Methyl sulphonyl methane, naturally contained in seaweeds, is a natural source of bioavailable sulphur for sulfurated amino acids’ metabolism (methionine, cystine, cysteine…). Laboratory tests on animals show that methyl sulphonyl methane repairs joints (21). Moreover, it is scientifically proven that 55% of sulphur of MSM origin is absorbed by horses and accumulated in the blood. Turmeric allows keeping endogenous cortisol levels low. Its extract is mainly anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunostimulant: the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects have been scientifically proven in arthritic human patients and had more effective results than phenylbutazone and placebo (24). Empiric studies show that ash contains anti-inflammatory and diuretic substances and has no toxic side effects (22-23).

Use and dosage:
Horses: Administer 50-60 g of Unika Sol per day.
Ponies: Administer 40 g of Unika Sol per day.

Measure the dose with the provided measuring scoop. Administer Unika Sol for at least 30 consecutive days.

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size 1 Kg / 2 Kg / 5 Kg

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