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Description: Flavosid is the complementary feed containing plant substances that can strengthen capillary walls, thus improving their permeability. Flavosid provides not only important vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin K3, which is quite rare in nature, but also a great amount of bioflavonoids, naturally contained in Citrus aurantium. It was Dott. Szent-Györgyi who discovered flavonoids' strengthening action on blood capillaries, in 1937 (18). This strengthening effect is due, in particular, to rutin. It is proven that, in men, rutin can reduce the incidence of capillary fragility and the tendency to hematomas. Moreover, it improves vitamin C (ascorbic acid) absorption (68).

When to use Flavosid: Flavosid has been conceived for horses showing bleeding after intense work. This kind of bleeding is due to an increase in their heart rate and to the resulting increase in their blood pressure. In case of a simultaneous restriction of the respiratory tract, the horse's condition can worsen and attain different stages of severity. Flavonoids contained in Flavosid provide greater elasticity to the circulatory system by strengthening capillary walls and, consequently, they reduce the bleeding. Moreover, flavonoids reduce obstructive plaques in blood vessels, thus reducing friction, allowing blood to flow more easily and, consequently, reducing the heart rate.

Properties of its constituents: Flavosid owes its main properties to rutin, a plant flavonoid contained in asparagi and soft fruits. In men, rutin is used in case of poor blood circulation, heavy limbs, after-workout pain and varicose veins (68). The main natural source of rutin for horses would be buckwheat, but this important cereal is not included in their food rations. Therefore, rutin intake is necessarily linked to dietary supplementation. Thanks to their established action on the circulatory system, blueberries are very used in modern phytotherapy. Their extracts exert a significant action on blood microcirculation, for they inhibit the production of elastases and collagenases, which are enzymes that damage vessel endothelium, thus causing lesions that will lead to vessel weakness and rupture. Therefore, it can be affirmed that blueberry extracts can prevent vessel rupture and improve capillary integrity, thanks to the scientifically established action of some substances, called anthocyanins (66).

Use and dosage: Administer 100 g of Flavosid (three rounded full measuring scoops) per day, properly mixed with the daily ration, for at least 40-45 consecutive days.

Measuring scoop:

         level full: 8 g

         rounded full: 14 g

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size 2 Kg / 5 Kg

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