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Guanto Cactus


Cactus is a true innovation in the world of horse care.  It’s a completely flexible, silicone glove with little, soft teeth that make it perfect to remove dust and horsehair even on sensitive areas, such as your horse’s face. Its shape, resembling a big hand, makes Cactus the perfect glove to clean even the face of those horses afraid of damp clothes: that’s what several customers tell us every day! Trying is believing!

Thanks to its soft teeth, which do not harm the horse’s skin, Cactus will also help shampoos, dry shampoos and coat shine products penetrate the fur more thoroughly: you will only need to spread the product with circular movements. But that’s not all. What if you are about to enter the competition field and you notice some extra horse hair or wood shavings on your horse’s face or even that its fur looks dusty? A quick bush with Cactus and all your problems will be solved!

What does Linea Unika suggest?

Use Cactus with Shampoo Secco or Shampoo Cavalli to perfectly clean your horse’s fur and skin! Click here: (Shampoo Secco) e (Shampoo Cavalli)!