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Description: Navic is the liquid complementary feed formulated to improve the microcirculation of blood in the deep foot and, in particular, in the navicular bone area. It can be a valuable ally in counteracting navicular syndrome, both as a preventive treatment and when the disease is full-blown. Navic owes its effectiveness to the high concentration of Ginkgo biloba phytotherapy extracts. Thanks to its high levels of flavonoids and terpene derivatives (ginkgolides), Navic can facilitate the haematic flow to the peripheral zones of the horse's body, thus ensuring them a greater amount of those nourishments needed for a proper oxygenation. In case of laminitis, this is the essential requirement in order to begin the healing process (increased blood circulation = increased tissue repair).

When to use Navic: Navic is the perfect product to counteract the onset of navicular bone conditions (navicular syndrome) and is also addressed to all horses facing hard training or competitions and subjected to activities on hard surfaces. It is recommended to use Navic in horses affected by foot improper blood circulation, in horses with small feet (for they are subjected to a greater pressure than big ones) and in case of excessive heel trimming. Navic can also be a valuable ally in improving the blood circulation in the hoof in case of improper shoeing (deep digital flexor tendon hyperextension) or of penetrating wounds to the navicular bursa (infection). Navic does not include any source of simple or complex sugars, which could worsen laminitis.

Properties of its constituents
: Navic exploits all the phytotherapy properties of Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba can help increase blood flow in case of circulation failure by improving microcirculation, reducing blood viscosity and platelet aggregation and stabilising capillary permeability. In men, Ginkgo biloba has been used for several years to treat circulatory system conditions. Thanks to its several effects, such as, among others, the improvement of microcirculation and of the exchange between oxygen and glucose in tissues, it is one of the most used plants in Chinese phytotherapy medicine. These effects are due to the high level of flavonoids and make Ginkgo biloba quite useful in stimulating the circulatory system (33).

Use and dosage: Administer 5 cl (=50 ml, the first graduation mark of the bottle measuring chamber) of Navic per day for at least 25 days (the whole bottle).

This product does not cause any adverse reaction. Nevertheless, since every organism has its own peculiarities, dietary supplements, feeds and complementary feeds should always be introduced in a horse’s diet gradually, in order to evaluate the product’s effects on the horse. 

Size 1,25 l

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