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Description:  Hepa-Horse is a complementary feed aiming to add Silybum marianum, better known as the famous milk thistle, to horses’ diets. It is a complementary feed maintaining equine liver physiological conditions.

When to use Hepa-Horse: 
Hepa-Horse is a complementary feed to use:
  • In horses that have been subjected to pharmacological treatments.
  • After hospitalization.
  • In horses that faced periods of intense training and competitions.
  • In horses fed with badly stored or contaminated food.

Instructions for use:
 Properly mix 30-60 g of Hepa-horse per day with the daily ration, for at least 25-30 consecutive days. 

Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, introducing feeds and complementary feeds in horses’ diets gradually is recommended.
Size 1 Kg