Linea Unika project was started by Dr. Maiani Alberto and Bononi Gabriela in 2008. They were leaded by their experience and passion for the equestrian world and decided to open a factory in order to help the riders and their horses have a better performance. 

Linea Unika

Founded in 2008 in Bologna, Linea Unika was is exclusively owned by the Company Cento Fiori srl. The production Factory, authorized by the Province of Bologna with Authorization n. 0481523 of 19/11/2008, which is based in Ozzano Emilia, is wholly owned by the Company. With a covered area of ​​980 square meters, this is one of the very few Company dedicated exclusively to the production of food for the equestrian sector.

Our principles

Linea Unika offers a line of products designed specifically for competition horses, is the result of many years of experiences "on the competition field".

Many products were in fact formulated on suggestion and specific needs of certain important riders.

Formulations combine the latest scientific knowledge in terms of nutrition, basic necessities, vitaminology, with extensive experience in assessing the quality of the individual raw materials.

The goal of Linea Unika is to bring on the competition field new products from scientific research, to meet the needs of competitive horses and Professional Riders.

Since the very beginning, Linea Unika has imposed to itself some categorical imperatives:

⁃ obtaining an Authorization of production, that is the primary condition to reduce costs and put on the market innovative products "conceived and formulated" within the Company.

⁃ conceiving new horse supplement feeds by using modern scientific knowledge

⁃ making high technological products with, with high active ingredient contents, reducing the supports to the minimum necessary levels

⁃ taking part in important events in the world of show jumping, complete horse competitions, endurance riding, etc. 

⁃ Testing the products along with the riders, and providing qualified assistance in the matter of nutrition and management of competitive preparation

Linea Unika, while configuring these principles as its main pillars, is not crystallized on any topic.

We will welcome any advice, with the only goal of always keeping pace with the events and needs (always very high, and not yet fully known) of competitive horses.

Linea Unika invests considerable resources in research. We carefully study the effects of certain active principles derived from medicinal herbs in the belief that they will help competitive horses to withstand intense competitive efforts.

Our philosophy

Smart choices: Linea Unika is not on the market as purely commercial entity, but rather as a productive Company, which follows the line of its products from formulation to final production. 

Research is the basis of everything: Linea Unika products are made on the basis of the most recent scientific researches in veterinary and herbal medicine.   In fact, Linea Unika can boast a range of products which keep up with new scientific researches.

Our strenght: The effectiveness of the products Linea Unika is the result of high levels of active ingredients contained therein. The effectiveness of these products becomes evident over short periods of treatment, with the aim of satisfying our riders.

Our feeds: Our feed are balanced, formulated with LGI (Low Glycemic Index) Technology, which is a reference standard for nutrition of competitive horses. These feeds guarantee excellent athletic performance, without generating anxiety, jitters, facilitating the management of the horse during competions.

Quality control: Linea Unika provides a control analysis system on both raw materials and finished product.  These careful control analysis guarantee a high quality production standard.

Raw materials: Products Linea Unika are made on average with 70% of Food Grade raw materials for human use.  This ensures maximum guarantee against contamination from contaminants and/or doping substances.